what luck

of searching & finding happiness

by definition

Of course, true happiness is very individual.
We find happiness in the little things and look for the greatest luxury in the simplicity and beauty of life. That’s what we want to share with all our guests: The feeling of a relaxed morning without an alarm clock – but with sun, a wonderful mountain view and a cup of hot coffee.

Having the space and time for a relaxed breakfast with the family, enjoying a good glass of wine after a successful day, or simply being able to do whatever you feel like in a pleasant atmosphere. We want you to feel at home in our apartments – just without the stress of everyday life and with many more amenities. So you can concentrate on your personal happiness – and enjoy it in peace.

This is perhaps also your
big Ammerglück advantage
compared to a hotel:

The big plus of peace, privacy and plenty of space and time for your own rhythm: you don’t have to rush,
if you need some time in the morning. Or you get up full of energy at 3 a.m. to watch the sunrise from the mountain.